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11 September 2017 13:48
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I hate, genuinely hate, having to complain about customer service, but...

Last week Monday, I was supposed to get a package. Lucifer DVD's s1-2, that I had bought on Amazon. They didn't show up, despite both Amazon and he local postal site saying they'd been delivered. So after some phone calls with amazon, a bit of a wait, and another phone call, the dvd's would be sent over a second time

Today they finally arrived. Only instead of doing one of two options
1. Ring the doorbell, hand it over to me
2. Leave a notice in my mail slot, telling me to pick it up a the post office tomorrow

They decided to go with another option
3 Jam the dvd's as far into the slot as they could get it, almost ruining the carton packaging, and making it so the package was sticking half way out of the post box, so that anyone passing by could pull it out.

I'm assuming that said third option is what happened last week as well.

Anyway, my aunt who works for B-Post told me that these things are taken rather serious, so I figured I'd send a complaint. Still felt bad for snitching, but man, if I hadn't been keeping a close eye on the delivery online, I could have lost those dvds for the second time.

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10 September 2017 22:37
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Wanted to make some art for one of my favorite sadly departed Teen Wolf characters, aka Vernon Boyd.Fantasy Boyd


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